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As you know our children are facing bullying in our nation’s schools. It’s an overwhelming pandemic/epidemic. Our children need our attention and immediate intervention.

Legislators have orchestrated anti-bullying laws in hope that school districts will enforce Bullying Prevention Programs.

As a mother and educator, I’ve spoken to children about their feelings, as my own daughter has faced bullies at school at one time, or another. As a parent, the very thought of this can be both frightening and overwhelming.

I’ve written two poems in an effort to give parents and educators a glimpse into the feelings of children who are faced with bullying issues on a daily basis. I realize that we focus much of our attention on the bully-ee (the victim) — And there is no doubt, we should indeed, but I also want to give you an idea of what the bully faces, and how this child feels. Of course, we don’t know all the answers and/or ramifications in the life of a child who bullies, and while I’m certainly not condoning the bully’s actions in no way form or fashion, we must look closely at this child and help him/her.

In addition, as relevant to the words of these poems, I’m not saying that all children who bully and/or who have been bullied have similar experiences going on in their lives, but this is an awakening into their world. We must act earnestly and swiftly.

It is a must that we help both children, the bully-ee (the victim), and the bully (the perpetrator). There are far too many factors and variables at stake.

A Message from the Bully-ee (Please Help Me!)


A Message from the Child Bully (I Need Your Help, Too!)

dear educators

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